Hopper Garder

By Ade | Landscape

Mar 01
Macro Photography

“I hurt my back on the weekend and was disappointed about not being able to go out and take pictures. But on Sunday morning I noticed it had been raining and was quite still so I thought it would be good for macro photos in the backyard. That way I could still get my photography fix without having to drive anywhere. So I took out my camera and macro lens and attached my flash and started looking for good photos of droplets on flowers. While I was doing this I stumbled across this tiny grasshopper (about 5mm long) in the middle of a daisy and tried to get his photo. It was very difficult focusing on his eye as he was covered in water drops. I hope you like it as I enjoyed taking it”

The settings were f22, 1/125s, ISO100 with a flash at 1/2 power using a flash bender folded into a tube aimed at the front of the lens. This was taken at 1:1 ratio with my Tamron 90mm macro lens on my Pentax K-3 DSLR.

Equipment & Settings used:
Pentax K-3 DSLR paired with the Tamron 90mm lens taken at 1:1 ratio
Shutter Speed : 125 secs
Aperture : f/22
ISO : 100
Flash: 1/2 power (using a flash bender folded into a tube aimed at the front of lens)

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Ade loves creative photography and filmmaking. When she's not travelling the globe she helps with creative direction and production at Image Style Studio.

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