Leading Lines

By Kenith Png | Landscape

Dec 23

Have you ever wondered how to evoke interest in a subject using composition? Or simply add depth to your photographs? Leading lines might be the answer!

Leading Lines is a compositional technique where lines are used to draw attention to the main subject of an image, or out of the image. The lines, which may be seen through paths and bridges, present a path for the viewer’s eye to follow.

They can also be used to connect foreground, mid ground and background of an image together, creating a sense of depth among the photograph.

All around us, Leading Lines can be found. Man-made examples include roads, fences, paths, bridges, lamp posts, buildings, power lines and bookshelves. Natural examples include waves, canyons, shorelines, sand dunes, trees, tall grass, cliffs, sun rays and flower beds.

If you want to place emphasis on a subject, be sure to position it where the leading lines converge in a photograph.

Leading Lines is a fantastic technique for creating a visual journey, depth and placing emphasis on a subject.

I hope this tip on Leading Lines helps you be more creative with your photography!

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