Red Tulips

By Ade | Landscape

Mar 01
Landscape Photography

As you gaze into this photo, come with me on a journey to Araluen Botanic Park, quietly nestled in the hills of Perth. Here you will see heaven kissed earth, a beautiful tapestry of colour, beauty and nature. For months my heart had been longing, begging my presence to come, to explore, to taste, to see, to feel, to touch, this magical little wonderland. Finally I took the moment, camera in hand, escaping the treadmill of busy city life. Monday 14 September 2015…..      It was a perfect day, fine with a few clouds. Sunshine and shaded light danced in turn allowing beautiful moods of expression. It was tulip season. I was simply captivated as I gazed upon breathtaking beauty, flowers shining in radiance, smiling in the spring. Time melted into timelessness as I wandered, thinking how to capture something magical of what I beheld. I am a passionate photographer, always looking for a creative angle to portray my theme. The hours slid by as I became entranced in my own little world of paradise. I will never forget this day even though time has moved on. I have the memories, I have this photo, which is but a mere moment. But it is more than just a photo. It lives in me always playing out a concerto of heaven’s melody. Creation sings!

I don’t have the latest and greatest of camera’s, or the most expensive of lenses, but what I do have I simply cherish.  I want to make my camera sing.  I shoot with a Canon EOS 500D. I own three lens and to capture this I tried something different. I used my portrait lens, a fixed 85mm.  My main shooting modes are AV or TV and sometimes M (manual), but for this photo I chose a scene mode, which I don’t normally do.  I looked at the dial and chose the setting with a flower symbol.  Since tulips were my subject, it seemed to make sense to me.  I like to keep things simple.  I used no aids in the forms of lighting, flash, filters or reflectors. I simply used natural light.  Shutter speed is 1/100s, aperture f5.6, ISO 160, white balance-Auto, Metering mode-matrix.

Equipment & Settings used:
Canon EOS 500D paired with the 85mm Portrait lens
Shutter Speed : 100 secs
Aperture : f/5.6
ISO : 160

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Ade loves creative photography and filmmaking. When she's not travelling the globe she helps with creative direction and production at Image Style Studio.

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