White on White

By Ade | Landscape

Mar 01
Macro Photography

The image is of the humble Shasta Daisy picked from a neighbors’ garden. I am very much a novice hobby photographer and fairly new to Macro having only had my lens a couple of months. I enjoy trying to give my images a more creative feel rather than producing just a record of the subject. I am still experimenting with different styles whilst I am learning but can see that I will try more white on white as I love the elegant simplicity and gently calmness that this style conveys to me.

This photo was taken indoors on a white table top against a white wall.  I used natural light from a large window to the side facing the flower. I also used a flash on camera with a home made diffuser directing light down from above .

Equipment & Settings used:
Canon EOS 5D Mark III paired with the Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro Lens IS USM
Shutter Speed : 160 secs
Aperture : f/18
ISO : 160
Flash: Canon 600 EX-RT Flash

Dianne Kelsey

About the Author

Ade loves creative photography and filmmaking. When she's not travelling the globe she helps with creative direction and production at Image Style Studio.

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